Jan 10

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Just a few tid-bits for your New Year’s Day.

Nov 09

How's this for a first bonefish?

I just had this pop up on my bonefish google alert… a post from Gibby’s Fishing Blog about his favorite flyfishing species.

This was 20 years ago, in a tournament…

I caught my first bonefish on fly about 20 years ago. I was fishing in a tournament. The two days prior to the tournament were calm and clear. On tournament day, the sky was overcast and the wind howled at 25 miles per hour.
But I had a great guide. He not only put me on a ton of bonefish, but also kept the wind at my back and off my casting shoulder. In early afternoon, I hooked a monster bone near Shell Key. The fish departed that flat like it was shot from a cannon.
“If that fish goes deep, you’ll lose it on the coral,” said my guide.
Luckily, the fish didn’t dive and I was able to get it out of the channel and back onto the flat.
If I had known how big that fish was, I’m certain I would have choked. But I didn’t. My guide netted the fish and said, “You might as well quit now because you’ll never catch a bigger bonefish.”
The bone was slightly more than 33 inches long and weighed an estimated 14 pounds.
I won the tournament.
Wow… that = totally ruling.
That was bigger than my first bonefish by about, oh, 12 pounds or so.

My first bonefish... not 14 pounds.