Nov 12

A golden grand slam, Alphonse, Seychelles

I had never heard of one until, well, a few minutes ago. A “Golden Grand Slam.”

That’s a Permit, Milkfish, GT, Bonefish and a Triggerfish. Not the sort of slam anyone is going to be able to get on a regular basis since Milkfish, GT’s and Triggerfish are not available in most places save for the Indian Ocean. There are a couple of standard fish missing from this lineup, mainly tarpon and snook, but those species don’t swing around the Seychelles, so they’ve clearly swapped a couple out and added another.

An angler caught this slam out in Alphonse in the Seychelles. The story is in “Fish & Fly.”

The Golden Slam

I really have no idea if they made this up, or if this is a real thing. They say it has never been done before and there is a little bit of a marketing feel to the story, but it still sounds like an achievement.