May 17

Speaking of… Guadeloupe!

Seems like they had fun, anyway.

May 17


Interesting, fun, looking project coming out of Guadeloupe. Here’s the trailer.

Jun 10

Brian O’Keefe goes to Guadeloupe

In Issue #11 of Catch Magazine, photographer Brian O’Keefe put together a slide show of his trip to Guadeloupe.

The photos, as you might expect, are wonderful and it makes you want to go there… like… now.

I thought I might try to put a little bit more out there about Guadeloupe, just in case you, ya know… wanted to go.

First off, if you call your thin, fried potatoes “Freedom Fries,” this place isn’t for you.  It may be in the eastern Caribbean, but it is a part of France.  Yes, that France.  That would work well for me, as I spent a year in Paris drinking wine and chasing les femme studying and learning a lot.

As crazy as it sounds to me, you can fly there DIRECT FROM ATLANTA.  That’s what I read… and if I read it, it has to be true… right?  Funny thing though… I can’t find that flight at Delta.com… can’t even find the airport in their Global Places We Fly Huge PDF.  That Leaves American, via San Juan, PR.  The flight ain’t budget friendly (about $900 from what I can see), again straining the often  uneasy relationship between Cheap and Bonefish.

It seems a bit daunting… there are several islands, the language is French, the travel seems less than straightforward.

It wont’ be on my list for the time being… although I’d be able to rock my French, which I usually reserve for cursing at people these days.

Of course, if you aren’t up for navigating the whole shebang on your own, you could always get help… like from Alexis Decros. A day on the water is about $400… which is damn reasonable.

Alexis could guide you to some Frenchie bones.

So many places to fish… so little time (and money).