Sep 09

Best Outlook on Worst Trip

Browse the web forums, read the magazines, watch the movies… they are most all variations of stories that end happily ever after.  I got to wondering… while it is easy to find glowing reports, what are the really bad stories?  Looking through several forums and Google searches for “worst trip” I came across the story below.  This is from Flyfishing Forum, although I can’t get a direct link to the post, here is the general site.  The tale of “thing that can go wrong” is from back in 2006.  It is a tale of a honeymoon gone a bit off the rails… however… the author seems made of stern and sunny stuff… the guy has his telescope stuck on the silver lining.  Definitely a half-full guy.  If your next trip starts to go sideways or pear-shaped, just think of this guy and his disposition.

We made it back alive!!! Our 2 1/2 week do it yourself belize adventure went off with many a trill a lot of high water and more than a few good cocktails!
On our first day I had the horse I was riding try to roll over on me and durring my quick exit I managed to break my ring finger on my stripping hand (left)

After cutting my weddung ring off w/ a rusty hack saw I was able to splint it w/ some clothes pins and get it taped up. It made casting difficult especially the double haul by I learned to cope. Then came the rain every river in the country rose and then flooded so my plan for river Tarpon and snook was shot. To add insult to injury as the rivers entered the ocean it created a 200′ line of brackish muddy water along the whole coast (in Hopkins) so my plan to do some wading and kayaking was scuttled.

The second week we headed for Glovers reef w/ the promise of clearer skies and water unfortunately I contracted some wierd flu and spent the first two days w/ a 102 degree fever shivering in bed. Glovers is increadibly beutiful and the snorkeling was out of this world! The flats were a 3 1/2 mile kayak paddle from our island and after making the trip once I must admit I bairly had the energy to fish (damn flu). the last day one of the owners said they would take me out by boat and pick me up at a latter time. Great!, I could fish the rising tide in the morning this would be my shot!! As we headed for the island we ran over a large green piece of tarp which wraped itself around the prop kicked back the motor and broke the linkage. UGH!!!

Ok it’s been a week maybe those rivers on the mainland have gone down and we’ll just go after snook and tarpon. No such luck, we had to doge trees flowing down the swallon river upon our return. I did get out one morning w/ a local guide and fished the barrier reef. I caught a nice Jack and a permit and missed a bone. Then you guessed it …it started to rain and everything just seemed to shut down. We did manage to find a nice school of bones in deeper water but could not get them to hit.

So there it is not what I had imagined but a great trip all the same mostly because of all the great people we met along the way. Oh and let’s not forget those cocktails while discussing the worst rains in 20 years

I’m off to Alaska in three week I hope the report is a little better!!!!

Wow… how many people would call that a great trip?  I don’t know this guy, but I’d buy him a beer for sure.