May 17

Home Waters – Bay Area Style

It wasn’t too long ago I was lamenting the fact there were no fish in the SF Bay Area to throw a fly at. That “fact” turned out to be pretty much wrong. See… there ARE fish to cast a fly at in the Bay (as some of you rightly pointed out).

Stripers are my new trout. The SF Bay is becoming my new Upper Sacramento River. This is my new home water.

I looked on the tide chart and then I came up with a bit of brilliance. I PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR. You know… the Google Calendar that runs my (and maybe your?) life.

At the appointed time I found myself free to leave the house, with my fishing gear, and headed out to fish.

I’m going to have to do that again.

This Bay striper fishing is not full of crashing bait and running down.. well… stripers. You go out and you put in your casts, at the appropriate tide, and you see what happens. It is a little like swinging for steelhead (in this case, most like swinging for half-pounders).

I’m loving having a bit of water that I’m getting to know… a bit of home water. It isn’t full of bonefish and tarpon, but it’s not empty either.

Thanks stripers.

Thanks for playing.

Mar 12

Tom Goes to Andros South

Last year I had the privilege to be part of FIBFest at Andros South.  Along on that trip was Tom Larimer.

Looks like Tom just made it back.  He took a hosted trip to Andros South and despite some less-than-ideal weather, they had a good time.

I envy him for getting back there… for hanging out at the Slack Tide Bar and chatting with the guides on the ride out to the West Side.  Of course, I can’t complain. I’m headed to Cuba here in about 2.5 weeks with Yellow Dog and that does not suck.

One of the things about fly fishing that I love is that you both get to see new and wonderful places and you also get to develop some “home water.”  For trout I have home water on the Upper Sac and McCloud.  For Carp I have Calero. For bonefish I don’t have a place that I know well, a place I keep coming back to.  I’d love to have South Andros be that place, but that seems financially and logistically out of the question.  Glad that Tom is getting a feel for South Andros and maybe beyond swinging for steelhead in Oregon he’s getting a sense of the moods of Andros.

Nov 09

Upper Sacramento River… no bonefish

Up at my folks place for a few days.  My daughter went down for her nap, I went down to the river (grandma was at home, I didn’t just leave her there alone!).

Happy to be hitting the water, even in the rain.

Happy to be hitting the water, even in the rain.

It was raining, the parking lot was empty and I had the river all to myself… except for the dog, down by the river, that came down and followed me around  for a bit.

One think I know is that no matter how long I have my bonefish fixation, I’ll never know a piece of water as well as I know this piece of water.  This is my favorite run on the river I’ve fished hundreds of times.  I only had 2 hours, but landed 12 fish.  11 on  a size 14 Eng Theng (like a prince and a PT had a love child) and one on an October Caddis dry (I was fishing a dry/dropper rig).

Nice little Upper Sac Bow

Nice little Upper Sac Bow

November on the Upper Sac.

The leaves have mostly fallen, the river is empty.  Love it.

The leaves have mostly fallen, the river is empty. Love it.

There were no bonefish today… but I expected that.