Jan 10

Oh, the Horror!

I am, really, a novice at all things bonefish (sadly, interest level does not equate to experience).  Still, it makes me feel a bit retro to be tying up one of the “early” bonefish patterns, The Horror.

The guide I ended up booking for my one day of guided fishing in Grand Bahama, Captain Perry, has the Horror on his list of flies to have in your box.  I read in Chico’s book (read the Midcurrent.com review) that he still likes the pattern as well.  Doesn’t require a lot of materials (brown buck tail, chenille, thread).  Sounds good.

So, I sat down and tied some.  Man… these have to be the easiest flies to tie since the Sweet Earnies!

E-Z, but still effective (according to folks that would know)

I found this little history of the fly, which makes for an interesting read.