Sep 17

The Cruel Season

Maybe there have been years as bad as this. I haven’t been paying attention for very long, in the big scheme of things. This hurricane season seems… just cruel.

Harvey was bad. Irma was horrible. Now comes Maria and you just have to hope the oceans cool down and steal the strength from anything yet to form far out in the Eastern Atlantic.

The Keys got clobbered. Rebuilding is going to take a while. Robbies pretty well rolled over, a place so full of fond memories for thousands of Keys-goers.

Photo from Miami Herald

From not too long ago.

Places to give:

Guides Trust Foundation – guides from the Keys
USVI relief – They got hammered and have fewer resources than most of the rest of the US.
Red Cross – Because they are everywhere, working hard.
Greater Houston Community Foundation – Let’s not forget about Harvey.

Aug 11

Something has to be done

Every year there is a new threat… usually several.  They have the potential to obliterate that beautiful flat, flatten that idyllic beach shack and really jack up your vacation.

Yes… I’m talking about Hurricanes.  I think this has gone on long enough (since the beginning of time is really, really long time).  I hereby call upon the UN, the Trilateral Commission, the Free Masons and Oprah (and maybe Apple) to confront this problem and put the resources needed toward ending this scourge (my money is on Oprah).

Stay safe out there all you island folks.  I’ll be thinking of you as we head into the Fall with the swirling bastards coming your way (and hopefully missing by a wide, wide margin).