Jan 10

Flats Boat to GO!

My last trip to Grand Bahama I managed to find some flats to drive to/walk on.  However, I have a very clear recollection of a little trough I couldn’t get across with a massive flat on the other side.  Made me think a bit about how nice it would be if I could get on the other side.

Enter my portable, packable, piscatorially perfect little flats transportation platform… a borrowed inflatable kayak.

My borrowed flats transportation

A mesh float tube anchor will ensure it doesn’t go floating away on its own.

Sticking to the mangrove lined coast should ensure I’m not pushed out to sea, never to be heard from again, fading away into fly fishing lore.

Not going to fish from the thing, just use it to get from one flat to another or to skirt the mangroves  in search of better fishing grounds.

My mind is absolutely bouncing around inside my skull with the possibilities.

The thing packs down pretty well and weighs about 40-50 pounds, I figure.  I’m going to have to pay something for bringing this along, I’m just not sure how much.  There are other makes/models that weigh less or pack down smaller (probably both), but this little IK should work wonderfully.

My daughter very much enjoyed jumping on it too… good indoor play structure for the cloudy, cool days we’re having here in the Sierra.

Thanks Tim and Serena!


In the end, I didn’t use it.  Luckily, it didn’t cost ANYTHING to bring along on American Airlines… second piece of checked baggage. The wind just was too much on the day I was really looking to use it, blowing 20-25.  The fact that it was so easy to bring along as me thinking of places I should bring it, but this trip wasn’t the trip.