Aug 11

Irene Aftermath

Irene is slamming the East Coast right about now, but it has gone through the Bahamas already and now it is time to asses the damage.

This story is from the AP.  – “I met the kitchen door in the road…”

This is from Vince at Cattarugus Outfitters
I spoke today with representatives from Ivels B & B on Acklins Island who are in Nassau, and Ivels B & B sustained minimal damage–some lost shingles, small pieces of roof, etc. . . No apparent injuries to anyone associated with Ivels on Acklins island.
He did say he heard that some homes were flattened, but he could not elaborate where on Acklins.
I also just spoke with Clinton Scavella from Crooked Island (he’s in Nassau) and everything on Crooked Island is ok, some roof damage and a lot of cleanup, but everyone is definitely safe there.

He did say he heard that 19 homes were completely destroyed on Acklins, in the lovely bay/chesters area, and many others sustained heavy damage.

Lets pray that no one was seriously hurt.

I have heard second hand reports that some homes were damaged on Eleuthera, but nothing concrete yet.

From Vaughn Cochran who has Black Fly Bonefish Club in Abaco

Latest news from Clint…The lodge seems to have escaped with minor damage, amazing since we expected it to not even be there after 130 mph winds. Boats are OK and our guides and their families are safe also. clint is doing a flyover at some point today so I’ll have more details later.