Apr 17

Belize Spring Break 2017


The girl stuck this big jack on some live bait.

The sky looked threatening… really threatening. There was a dark wall coming in from the South, a direction no one likes. Nothing good, weather wise, comes from the South, said the guide.

We ran North. So did everyone else. Too many boats all looking in and around Crab Caye. We found some space and I stuck a snook, a nice one, and then we ran for a little one-room shelter built out over the water. There we waited out the rain. There was a lot of it… years worth for many parts or the world. When the first and second walls of water passed, we changed the game plan. There was not going to be much more fly fishing. Next was getting the girl up on the board… any way possible. That meant bait. I was down.

A few minutes after setting up in a spot that looked absolutely no different from any other part of the Caribbean within a mile of us the girl’s live sardine was crushed by a big jack crevalle. She fought the thing for 30 minutes. It was iffy at times if she’d pull it off, but she did.

Damn fine fish for a 10 year old. 15-16 pounds from the guide’s mouth, which seems about right to me. Thing pulled like a champ.

I know the feeling. This was my biggest jack to date from Belize in 2010. We have a shared experience here now.

A not-small Jack from Belize.

Jul 11

The Humble Jack

Jacks often are looked down upon.  I’m not sure why that is.  I think they are kind of awesome.  They pull HARD.  They can be taken on poppers and plugs and clousers and pretty much anything else that gets in their way.  My biggest saltwater fish to-date is a Jack and I enjoyed every minute of that fish, including several before it was hooked and a great number of minutes after.

These are some of the reasons I’m happy to see the good folks over at Skinny Water Culture devote a shirt to the good fish… we’ll see how long they sell it before the C&D letter arrives.  My suggestion would be to order soon.


I really like Jack’s.

Beeg. Caught out of El Pescador in Belize.

Dec 10

Sometimes it takes me a while

Three days of fishing the new little bay here in Nuevo Vallarta and all I had caught were a bunch of tiny, tiny Jacks.  The water just seemed too shallow.  The big boys weren’t going to come in this far.  I knew it… deep down.  I was wasting my time casting to these little guys in the hopes that a big one might be near.

The doorman said we should push to the weekend to try and head out and then he called this morning, wanting to go out.  Well… my wife has a cold (so do I) and I wasn’t anywhere near ready, so I passed up on that chance.  I paced a bit and then went and did pool time with my daughter.  When my wife offered an opportunity to head back to the little bay this afternoon, I took it.

“I’m going to do something different this time though…” I thought as I headed out there.

For starters, I left the camera with my wife.  I get a little superstitious sometimes.  I wanted things to line up for me, so I wasn’t taking any chances.

I started off as close to the river mouth as I could get… small fish.  I worked my way around the inside of the little bay… small fish.  Not enough current… too shallow.

Then I took a good look at the outside of the little bay.  I could see color change.  That is where I needed to fish.

First cast, first nice little Jack of the trip… 2 pounds or so.  Then came another and another and another.  Biggest was probably about 5 pounds, which ended up on the dinner plate, along with a nice 3 pounder.


Success.  I just needed to listen to myself a little bit.  I knew I needed deeper water.  I knew I needed more current.

I was happy to be able to switch over to my #2’s and #1/0’s from my #4 clousers.  It was a good day.

Mar 10

Mexico for Torros

Maybe people don’t actually GO to Mexico to fish for Jack Crevalle, but I’m going for a little 2/3 family trip to Vallarta and I’m going to bring a couple rods.  Tying up a few patterns to complete my beach box.  Last year I got a nice Torro from the beach, so I’m bringing some bigger flies this year.  We’ll see.

Jig Clouser for Torro