May 10

Andros via Field and Stream

I thought I’d talk a little bit about Andros here before the guys from FIBFest start relating their own  stories about fishing for bonefish at Andros South.

First let me tell you everything I know about South Andros, all my fishing stories from my time in South Andros and share some pictures of fish I’ve caught on South Andros.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I can relate to you the experiences of folks that have actually been there, fished and caught some of those Andros bones… folks like John Merwin, writing for Field and Stream back in 2005.

You are standing on the flat front deck of a bonefish skiff, hoping to see a fish, while a guide slowly poles over white sand shallows that stretch into forever. Enough fly line for a long cast lies at your feet. A long winter’s worth of anticipation knots the small of your back. The warm sun and soft lapping of water against the hull are hypnotic, leading your mind to wander across the intense pastels of the Bahamian landscape.

Yes… I  want to be there… so… badly.

Now, you don’t have  to stay at a lodge… there are DIY/self-guided options.  I’ve even had one such trip suggested to me.  However, it doesn’t sound easy and the guy that recommended the Andros DIY had a really bad trip down there a couple months ago.

If you have the scratch, a lodge/guide is a good deal.