Jun 10

More on Exmouth – Yak it.

The idea of fishing Exmouth, Australia is a new one for me.  I’ve been wondering if there was a way to get to the fish without paying an arm and a leg (especially if you just paid an arm and a leg for  the flight there).

There is… you can rent a kayak for a tiny bit of scratch and I’ve been told that one can, indeed, paddle your way to the fish.

Worth a consideration.

Exmouth Boat and Kayak Hire seems a solid option.

Your Australian ride.

Still… even if you get a kayak for $40 a night, it is still $1,000 to fly from San Francisco to Perth (and you still have to get to Exmouth).

Sep 09

That looks fun: Belize Bonefishing (DIY??)

Belize… a magical land of lots and lots of bonefish and lodges that are all shiny and wonderful.   Seems the lodge game is the current approved route, as opposed to DIY.  The Ledger.com ran a story about heading down to Belize that was a decent read.  Find it here.  The way the guide and client are not on the same page about the stripping speed made me think  of Shane Kohlbeck‘s article here a couple weeks ago.

Here’s a random guy fishing  in Belize.  His guide is very different from the guide mentioned in the Ledger.com article.  Seems like a cool cat, really.

Yeah… the “catch as many as you want” line got me wondering if A) that were true, and B) if this guy was in the sun too much… or C) A little of column A and a little of column B.  Having not fished Belize, I’ll have to wait until I  make the journey.

DIY may actually be a possibility, upon a little diggingBite me Belize offers three different options on a sliding scale from Kayak rental to flats wading to skiff fishing.  Check out Bite me Belize and you may just be thinking Belize-me!  This looks like a really good option and one that I’m certainly going to be checking into.

This could be your Belize Bonefish ride.