Aug 17

My leverage

I had a plan. It was a great plan.

See… I have two kidneys (you probably do too).

My mother-in-law needed one, just one.

I was going to give my kidney up so she could get one. I was worked up as a donor, entered into a kidney swap program and was waiting for the call.

The way this relates to fishing goes like this.

Is there any fishing trip I couldn’t take if I had donated a kidney so my mother-in-law could have one?

I mean… Christmas Island maybe? “Honey, I really need to get out there and see Christmas Island, ya know, to savor life after my kidney donation. How is your mom doing anyway?”


Yesterday though, thanks to the really wonderful last act of an anonymous organ donor from New Mexico, my MIL got a new kidney. This is, of course, great news. I will continue to be able to take Advil (you can’t do that on one kidney) and come Thanksgiving or Christmas, I will be able to brine the turkey (salt a no-no for someone on dialysis).

My “I can take any trip I want” plans are in ruins, but, I guess it may be worth it. I’ll just have to negotiate the old fashioned way for trips to come.