Sep 10

Saturday Grab Bag

First, I thought the blog post by Fishing Jones about his most recent foray into the land of bonefish.  As Michael Gracie says in the comments… this is the standard by which future fishing reports will be judged.

We’re the People’s Front of Bud’s Lounge.

It is a great report and I like the Life of Brian reference.  I had an indoor soccer team at one point named The People’s Front of Judea.

On another front, I’ve been sitting down to tie again with Belize on my mind… 55 days, I believe at this point.  I got some advice to tie up some Legless Merkins… I like the look of these guys… wish my Un-Legless Merkins looked as good.

Sans Legs, the Merk looks yummy.

I dug the most recent Deneki post about Andros South that highlighted some local color of a Junkanoo band.  When I was in Grand Bahama last, someone mentioned that the traffic was for a Junkanoo festival and they nearly fell down when I told them I didn’t know what that was.