Feb 14


Trips seem to come at inflection points. They mark the passage of time.

The trip to Andros marked the end of my first marriage.

My second Hawaii trip was freedom.

The Cuba trip coincided with the start of the relationship with my current wife.

My second Belize trip was my honeymoon.

My last Bahamas trip was maybe the last trip we will likely have had with my mom with us and it was when we first found out we were pregnant with our son.

This upcoming Bahamas trip takes place with her home, fighting cancer.

Trips… I look forward to each and every one and as I look back, I plot the arc of my life by the coming and going of those experiences.

I’m eager to get out there on the flats… I’m already packing.

Three rods in there already, one to add.

Three rods in there already, one to add.

May 11

Ch Ch Ch Changes

OK… there are going to be some changes coming down the pike here at Bonefish on the Brain.  Hope the are seamless and you don’t even notice.

I’m leaving the world of “Stay at home dad”-ing.  It’s been a good run.  I’ve had some really, really fantastic memories.  It is now time to get back to that professional world.  I had really wanted that job to be in the fly fishing industry as the blog had turned so much of my attention there.  Orvis offered me the opportunity to work at their store in San Jose, but I also had the opportunity to work at a high-tech start-up.  In the end, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of building a company with a really intriguing technology… not to mention to potential financial upside (the difference between selling Helios rods and buying them).

Thanks to the folks at Orvis for being willing to take me on.  I appreciate the vote of confidence and think you guys are headed in the right direction.  I’ve cast the Helios, Hydros and Access… good sticks.

So, I’ll be starting a new job on Monday and entering a new world… one that is going to demand a LOT of my time, energy and focus.  I don’t know when my next trip is going to be, but I’m still going to find stories and post them up for you all to enjoy (every day if I can).  I might just be a little bit harder to get a hold of and I might be a little slower on the reply.

I’m entering a whole new world, and leaving one very awesome world behind.  Sure, I’ll still be a dad, but part of me is really going to miss trips to the aquarium.

Love that girl