Oct 16

Where I’m at – Season 42

If Louis CK fished and if he had a few million dollars less in his bank account, he and I might be the same person.

He doesn’t fish though, which I hold as his biggest shortcoming.

Still… sometimes he says things that could come straight from my brain.

Here’s a bit about his experience turning 40 (even if I’m 42 now).

This hits me right where I live for a couple reasons.

First, I got to go to the ER on Thursday for a soccer injury. Nothing serious, but I don’t think I would have even thought about needing to go if I were 30. Plus, I have things that just hurt now. I have some arthritis in my hands, which sucks, and my left knee has been bugging me for about 3 months now. I’m just wearing out… it just gets this way now.

Second, at 42, no one is really impressed with anything you do. It is just your job. I make dinner every night, which would be amazing if I were 25, but less so at 42. I have a Director level job, which amazes no one, because, ya know, I’m 42 and maybe I should be Senior Director or Vice President at this age. No one would be blown away if I went to the Seychelles, they’d just think… yeah, he’s 42… that could happen at 42. No one would be totally amazed if I caught a 12 pound bonefish, they’d just think at this point, maybe I had it coming. Accomplishments are just a little less sparkly at 42.

I don’t say any of this for pity, I just find it funny how life changes and evolves and I’ll have to stop typing here soon because my fingers hurt.


I still want to catch a 12 pound bonefish, and if I did that in the Seychelles, all the better. Just say’n.