Sep 09

Marathon International Bonefish Tournament

I’m a West Coaster… so, I’m a little uneasy at the idea of a tournament when it comes to fly fishing… for me that’s still something that bass folks do while trout fly anglers, like myself, go about our business in solitude all River-Runs-Through-It and whatnot.  The Marathon International Bonefish Tournament (MIBT) turns 50 this year and starts soonish (Sept. 17-20).  It’s a three day tournament, costs $1,000 and the winners get to see Megan Fox naked… ok, I made that last part up.  They have long since dropped the Miss Bonefish crown to acknowledge the fact that women are competent anglers in their own rights… so, good on ya MIBT.

MIBT has old timey cred

While tournament play doesn’t really set my reel a cranking, this seems like a pretty interesting event.  It’s got the history, it is a no-kill format, allows un-guided teams… doesn’t sound so bad.  I have heard there are other tournaments down in the Keys and places beyond and I’ve never paid much attention.  I won’t be flying down and plopping down my $1,000, but part of me (specifically, the part without $1,000) will be wishing I was on the deck off a skiff getting skunked with a guide berating me for my incompetence.  Instead, I’ll spend the 19th flying from Boston to SFO with my toddler sans my wife.  Should be pure joy.