May 14

For Memorial Day – a book recommendation

I am not a soldier. I can’t talk personally of the sacrifices of those who have served, as they have not been my sacrifices. I’m thankful for them, but I do not know them personally.

I have an interest (and degree) in history, so I have sought out books on military histories, both of the generals and the soldiers. One of the best books I’ve ever read is about Afghanistan, written by Jack Tapper.

The book is “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor.”

Read this.

Read this.

It is one of the most powerful accounts of war I’ve ever read and sheds light on the challenges our troops have faced in this war, now the longest in American history.

I suggest you get it and read or listen to it. I may just give you a sense of appreciation for what has happened over there, so far away and so little commented on.

I’d also like to say “Thank you” to those who have served and continue to serve this nation I call home.

May 12

Remembering on Memorial Day

For you American readers (that’s most of you, but not all), I wanted to send a shot out to our Vets. Thank you for your service.

When you think of Vets and fly fishing, Project Healing Waters comes to mind.  Here is a story about that fine organization from Outside Bozeman.

For almost a decade, news stations have inundated the American public with stories of wounded veterans returning from combat, only to face an uncertain future due to their newly-acquired injuries. We know that countless numbers of US service members return every day with life-changing wounds—both physical and emotional. But there is something most people don’t know: there are organizations right here in the Gallatin Valley that actively help wounded veterans recover and cope with their injuries.


May 11

Baghdad Fly Fishing Club

Today is the day that most of us get to not work to observe  Memorial Day.  I was never in the military and really, very few people in my family have been in the military.  My dad had ulcers and didn’t go to Vietnam when his number came up.  His father was training to be a gunner on bombers when we dropped the A-Bombs on Japan, so he didn’t get too far out of training before the whole thing was called off.  My mom’s father had been in an industrial accident that left his legs scarred, so he we not taken for service in WW II.

Still, I know many veterans and I’m thankful for their service and their sacrifices.

Among those thousands of men and women are scores of anglers and some of the folks in Baghdad even started a fly fishing club.  Pretty cool stuff.

Nice fish there soldier.

The Baghdad Fly Fishing Club.

Thanks for your service.

May 10

Memorial Day

For those of us in the States, Memorial Day is here.  This is a day we honor the commitment and sacrifice made by those in our Armed Forces.  These days we have a lot of folks giving a lot in the name of our country.  It doesn’t really matter if you agree with the wars we are in or how we got there, you really can’t take anything away from the men and women who are wearing the uniform in some pretty inhospitable places.

Project Healing Waters is one of the groups supporting our veterans.  I watched an episode of Saltwater Experience where they took a couple of vets out on the waters of the Keys.

A wounded vet with the Saltwater Experience and a nice Jack on a fly.

Thanks for your service, Vets!