May 10

Microskiff and the Ankona Native SUV

I’m going to say right up front front that I know nothing about boats.

Still, I am fascinated by those shallow drafting boats that roam  the flats… they are, often, just beautiful.

I saw a video on This is Fly Daily that was a video review for the Ankona Native SUV.

Now… that boat… the Native SUV… is CHEAP!  The base is $2,900 and the boat pretty well loaded is about $7,000-9,000. I don’t really know how much of a bonefishing boat this might be… probably better for snook and baby tarpon in the back country, but that’s just me guessing.


Microskiff.com is a great source for small boat needs and the video review that showed up in This is Fly Daily is the first video review that Microskiff has done.  They have a lot of great information on Microskiff.com and I’d probably be on the site a lot… if I didn’t live in the SF Bay Area with no conceivable use for a small skiff.

A guy can dream though.