Sep 13

My mistakes. Line clearing.

Often times the mistakes we make stand out more than the successes. It is an evolutionary driver. If our ancient relatives made a mistake that almost got them killed while looking for tubers out on the plains, well, they needed to hold on to that mistake and learn from it. We function the same way today, even when it comes to fishing.

The first day I caught bonefish in the Bahamas I was with my dad and a guide. Toward the end of the day the guide dropped me off on a flat that had a couple tailing bonefish and he worked with my dad. I was all in favor of this move.

I positioned myself well for a shot at the tailing bones, who were going on about their business rather eagerly. I made the cast (a few, as I recall) and, somehow, the fish ate. I strip set (a minor miracle) and the fish hit its “Warp Speed” button.

What happened next will be ingrained in my memory for a long time. The line flew up and wrapped itself around the reel handle. The fish popped off about 2 seconds after I hooked it. I was left flabbergasted and broken hearted.

There is a proper way to do it and you can bet I do that every time now. One the fish is hooked, your line hand should move the line out and away from your rod until all the slack is taken up and the fish is on the reel.

Go to 2:53.

You ever wrap your line around the reel or rod and lost a fish?