May 10

Happy Mother’s Day and Tag Ends 5/9/10

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there… really, there are probably very, very few moms reading this, but, still… cheers.

My mother lured my father into thinking she was going to fish, but after the wedding, she never fished again, or so goes the local folklore.

My wife, mother of my 3 year old, tried fishing very, very briefly on a trip to Montana/Yellowstone.  She saw a big snake in the grass along the Firehole and also rather forcefully declines my assistance with her casting while at a high mountain lake going after Yellowstone Cutts… those two episodes concluded her short-lived and undistinguished fishing career.

Still, there are some great angling women/mothers out there for my little girl to take as role models on the water.

A few other bits from around the web, non-mom related:

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