Jan 13

Things Bonefish Hate

Great post over at Deneki about things that bonefish hate… like noise.

There certainly are things you can do to minimize your chances of hooking up and maximizing your chances of witnessing how fast an unencumbered bonefish can race off the flat you are fishing.

The sound thing is interesting because it is certainly very, very true right up to the point where it isn’t.

You slam the cooler lid? That sucks… that is going to scare the fish away pretty well.  That’s been documented well.

On the other hand, I was out fishing with a guy who has caught more permit than I’m likely to even catch bonefish and he was blaring his tunes right there on the boat on the flat while we searched for fish. We found fish. We caught fish. All the while there were tunes being cranked out.

Certainly that IS noise and not the natural kind and not the kind a bonefish, you’d think, would be totally down with.

Check out the post at Deneki and comment there to add to the list of things bonefish hate.  If you have a comment on the whole music blaring, I’d love to hear about it here.

Photo by Matt Hansen... me, seconds after losing a really, really nice fish.

Photo by Matt Hansen.

Nov 10


Music plays a role in my fishing trips.  When I go on a long trip I usually get some new music for the journey which becomes the soundtrack for that event.  My trip to Grand Bahama last year involved daily drives to the East End while I listened to music for the hour or so there and the hour or so back… and when I got back to the room… and while I was falling asleep.  I don’t listen actually out on the water… I would have missed my first fish in Grand Bahama… tailing fish behind me.  I heard it.  Good idea to have all your senses focused on what you are doing when you go all that way to fish.

The song that stood out in Grand Bahama was “Don’t Lose Yourself” by Laura Veirs.  I the line “on a rising tide” was one reason why, but also the theme of not losing myself.  I’m a stay at home dad and it is pretty easy to lose your identity when your day largely revolves around the needs of either your 3 year old or your wife.  The blog and fishing are ways I keep a foot in the non-childcare world. (The video is not fantastic, but I still love the song)


This Belize trip is going to have its own sound track and one of the songs I’m digging in a big way is “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons.  While I dig the song, I hope the line “I really fuqued it up this time” is not the prevailing theme of the trip.


The great thing about having a sound track for each trip is when I hear the song again, I feel, a little bit, like I’m back wherever it was I played the soundtrack… be it Grand Bahama or Montana or Oregon.  So… I’m loading up the iPhone with what will be, very soon, fishing music.