May 10

North Andros via Chris Santella

Chris Santella put together that book “50 Places  to Fly Fish Before You Kick the Bucket

Every once in a while he puts out some bonefishy goodness and I spotted this post about North Andros.

The rich lore of bonefishing on North Andros pulls almost as powerfully as the present possibilities of the island’s endless flats.  North Andros served as an incubator for nascent grey ghost fly fishing efforts half a century ago, and was home to the Bang Bang Club and the Lighthouse Club – two of the earliest bonefish lodges.  Wall Street Brahmin sailed south on their yachts to hire Bahamians to help them hunt elusive bones, and the angling literati of the day – Lee Wulff, Joe Brooks and the like – followed closely on their heels.  The fishery has stood the test of time.

Yeah, that is a pretty picture... Brian O'Keefe snapped it.

Wanna go?

Me too.

Dec 09

North Andros and good times

Another gem of a trip report from the Dan Blanton Board.  This time from North Andros.

The happy couple stayed at Kamalame on North Andros.  A very nice looking place way beyond the budget that Bonefish on the Brain has to play with.

Andros, North or South, just looks beautiful, from the air or from you feet.

One or two bonefish live there.


This is where you start to say things like “Just doesn’t get any better than this” even though that was the tag line for Milwaukee’s Best… and let’s face it, just about anything was better than the Beast.

That looks like a good, good day.

The pictures and the report are all from the Glenn that wrote the trip report.