Nov 11

Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 Review

Pros: Waterproof, shock proof, capable of taking good pictures

Cons: User interface, time from button pushed to picture taken, overall usability

I have this camera.  I bought it off Amazon after my Pentax (I think it was the W90) went missing. This is the second Olympus waterproof camera I’ve owned.

Let me just say… I dislike it.  It takes a while to boot up when you turn it on (you better not be whipping your camera out the second you want to take a picture) and the software seems bound and determined to be set on the wrong settings every time I want to take a picture. Trying to take a landscape picture, you’ll find the camera trying to focus on something 2 feet away and the shot comes out blurry. I have to go through the options every time to select the right setting.  It is time consuming.  The software just isn’t very friendly.

It can take some good pictures… it does have that capability, but the thing is just so user unfriendly, that it kind of defeats the purpose.

I loaned the camera to my ex to take pictures of Halloween and the results were telling.  My daughter had left the frame in most of the pictures or they were very blurry.  The delay on pressing the button is too long and the software seems unable to focus well half the time.

The price was right… but what the Stylus Tough 6020 has in price it looses on functionality and utility.

Don't do it, bro.