Oct 09

Panama for Bonefish?

I recalled seeing something about bonefishing in Panama, so I asked my good friend, Google, to pull together some information about the chasing bones in the sail-through Republic.

Tranquilo Bay Eco Lodge has a page about tarpon, but mentions Bonefish as something that can be a pleasing distraction… there is a bit about the fish not being large, but being 3-5 pounds with non-stop action a possibility (um, I’d take that).  The follow that up by saying that they don’t recommend traveling there to target bones.  Seems like more information is required.  The photo gallery shows lots of nice Jack Crevelle and some small bones caught off the beach… small being in the 1 pound range, not the 3 pound range.

If you like fishing reports devoid of  anything useful at all, I found this.

The 3-5 pound range seems overstated from the fish that I’ve seen in the few galleries or google image pics I’ve seen.  Why so small?  I don’t know.  It does seem like Panama is likely off the books as a bonefish destination, although the tarpon and snook look large and in charge.  If you head to Panama for those other game species, you might just want to throw in a few gotchas while you are at it.

If you have better intel on the Bone sitch in Panama, please, let me know.