Jan 14

Mexico, the Drake and Shane



Got the winter edition of the Drake and I was happy to see my friend Shane (and his wife) in there smacking some fish down in Mexico.

I got to fish with Shane down in Belize, as well as spending a fair amount of time with him on the Lower Sac, Upper Sac and McCloud. He’s one of the best anglers I’ve ever fished with and has been generous with his time and expertise.

Great article, written by Tom Bie, who was also on the trip. They are down in at Paradise Lodge on the southern Yucatan coast and it looks pretty nice.

Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Jun 13

Shane goes to Paradise

Paradise Lodge, that is. I think this was a hosted trip that Shane did with his wife.  Funny thing is watching his wife blow a tarpon shot and get a little angry… been there, done that and can totally relate to that feeling.

Cool video.