Nov 12

The Seychelles still look awesome

Yup… Pat Ford’s photo album from the Seychelles over at Sport Fishing confirms something I’ve believed for some time now.

The Seychelles are awesome.

The bonefish alone would be enough, but when you start to think about GT’s… well… GT’s. I want to catch one. Someday, assuming I live long enough to afford it, I just might. Add to that all the other wacky kinds of fish out there and it seems kind of awesome.

At $6,250 (although can be as much as $7,500), it doesn’t actually seem that much more expensive than a lot of destinations. I’d bet the travel is a bit more difficult, but even that doesn’t sound too daunting (minus air, which is not cheap at $1,500-$2,500). You also need time… you add another couple days of travel on the bookends and you end up with a trip that requires the majority of our 2 weeks of vacation time.

Jim Klug also has a photo album from the Seychelles.

Yes please.

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