Oct 09

MX Fishing Report (no, not mine)

Some time in January, I’ll be able to post my own fishing report, but until then, I live vicariously through the reports brought to me through the tubes and in the dump trucks that make up the internet.  This time I found a report from Pesca Maya down in Mexico.  The post (this one right here) is from Black Fly Outfitter (the blog looks new, but promises bonefishing reports, which will see me follow them via RSS and Twitter).  Looks like a good time with smaller bones everywhere.  I like the sound of that, really.

Pesca Maya seems to be doing the full court press as of late.  Seems like I’ve seen their name out there A LOT.  Maybe it’s just me.

See, that looks fun to me.

The area that Pesca Maya sits in has always looked interesting (most places with clear, tropical water and bonefish are places I find interesting, as it turns out).  We vacation in Mexico every year, but we are on the Pacific side (Vallarta).  I lightly bring up the idea of switching to the Caribbean side every so often, but it is a family vacation, not a fishing vacation and I’m (generally) smart enough to know the difference.