Oct 10

Chittum Skiffs Islamorada 18 | features.boats.com

a good read about an awesome looking flats boat… although I won’t be buying one… probably not great for the SF Bay… despite the bonefish caught there in 1914.

The cult of flats fishing has many commandments, two of the most important being “float shallow” and “don’t spook the fish.” The Chittum Islamorada 18 looks to do that like no other skiff around.

via Chittum Skiffs Islamorada 18 | features.boats.com.

This story was authored by Pete McDonald, who also  happens to write the Fishing Jones blog.

Sep 10

Deneki post by Fishing Jones

A great guest post on the Deneki blog by FIBFester Pete McDonald, who writes the Fishing Jones blog.

The drink is called sky juice and it’s a mixture of condensed milk, coconut rum, gin, and whatever other bottles are open at the time. Torrie Bevans mixed it up at the Slack Tide on what happened to be my last night at Andros South and it made the start proper.

via Lessons Learned on South Andros by Pete McDonald.