Aug 13

The temptation of running away

So, my Monday was probably worse than yours. I’d wager some money on it.

You see… Monday I got laid off. Money is tight, the next round of funding hasn’t come through and blah, blah, blah you don’t work here anymore.

Now, when the feces hits the fan I think a lot of us anglers have a tenancy to grab a rod and run away to some bit of water somewhere. Those of us with bonefish on the brain may be pulled to grab a rod and a plane ticket to find a bit of water far, far away.

I’m not doing that.

Although, it’s tempting.

not that kind of pink slip

Of course it is tempting to go find a bit of the Bahamas and immerse myself in hunting for bonefish. When you are fishing, you can’t think of anything else. It isn’t that you solve your problems, you simply can’t allow your brain to think of them. You have to focus completely on the task at hand. Anything beyond the moment you are living in is not allowed to rattle around your head.

For some of life’s problems, this approach works. A lot of issues which seem like huge burdens or obstacles simply lose their scariness with a little distance and time.

Not having a job is not one of those things. If I went fishing right now I’d still not have a job when I came back home. So, I’m not going fishing. I’m not going to escape. I’m going to get some options on the table and move on it as quickly as possible.

It does sound good though… really, really good.

The Slack Tide Bar... one of my most favorite places on this planet.

The Slack Tide Bar… one of my most favorite places on this planet.

I’ll save the trip for after I line up a new gig and can take a trip full of confidence. That sounds way, way better to me.