Jan 11

Sup with the Seychelles?

I’m going to spend the next couple days talking about the Seychelles and what is and isn’t happening there.  I’ve had some good emails from some of the outfitters and booking agencies and I want to make sure y’all get the goods.

Um... not really this kind of pirate, unless she also has an RPG.

Argh!  There be pirates on them seas!

Sadly, there actually ARE pirates out pestering the traffic on the High Seas off the coast of the Seychelles, but they aren’t all busty and blond… just relatively poor Somali’s with RPG’s and they are screwing up the fishing something fierce.  The Seychelles are an epic destination… big and plentiful bones, GT’s and all sorts of other stuff… yeah, I want to go.  The outer atolls, fished with mother ships, are now off limits due to the Jolly-Roger-less Somali Pirates.  The government pulled permissions for mother ship operations, at least until Fall 2011.

However, you can still go to the Seychelles to fish, as there are land-based operations continuing to fish for and catch all those sweet silver Seychelles species (that’s called alliteration… see what I did there?).  There are also other options that might… just might… be BETTER than the outer atolls, but I’ll talk about that more tomorrow.  Today… the Seychelles.

While mother ship operations have been brought to a hull-screeching halt, there are land-based options that can get you your Seychelles fix.  Bill Marts, of The Fly Shop, sent me information on Farquhar Atoll and… yeah… it sounds kind of sweet.

There is no disputing that Farquhar offers some of the finest flats fishing in the Seychelles, the diversity of species, quality of the ecosystem and spectacular beauty making it any angler’s dream destination. Situated 700km southwest of the main island of Mahe, Farquhar Atoll is the most southerly atoll in the Seychelles chain. This world class fishery consists of countless flats, channels and surf zones. The flats consist of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral which make for comfortable wading for a vast array of flats species.

Yeah… that sounds like a bit of alright.

That GT would crush most of your bonefishing gear... just say'n.

So… don’t completely write off the Seychelles just yet.  You can book a trip to Farquhar through The Fly Shop, among others. The trip is through Fly Castaway.


I had to have a cigarette after watching this youtube clip and I don’t even smoke.