Aug 09

Providenciales Fly Fishing (self guided) Video

There is a wealth of vids on YouTube for the bonefish fan.  I like this one because it was self-guided and the guy drops a bunch of info.

For those of you who don’t know much (or anything) about Providenciales, it’s an island in the Turks and Caicos.

The island has direct flights from some US Carriers (American, Delta, US Airways).  This is important since it means you might be able to get here on frequent flier miles.

Low end digs at Comfort Suites looks to set you back about $138 a night during the Spring, which is general high season for Bones.

As usual, the flight is the budget killer for the Sub-$1,000 Bonefish Trip… from SFO it will cost about $750, from Boston about $550 (that’s why the frequent flier  miles is a good thing to keep in mind).  CheapCaribbean.com thinks they can get you there and get you lodging for about $1,350.

There are guides on the island… first guy who popped up on Google made that self-guided option look really good.  I have no idea what this guy’s or the island’s economics look like, but a full day of bonefishing with Capt. Darin will set you back $800 (pre-tip).  While this may be totally and outrageously unfair, I’m going to call that Nucking Futs.