Feb 13

I’m kind of a big deal

That’s right. I said it. I’m kind of a big deal. That’s why I got a package and letter today addressed to “Editors, writers, bloggers (that’s me), fellow fish bums,.”

The package was the media pack for the Fly Fishing Film Tour. I’m a huge fan of this package because it had beer in it. I don’t know that anyone has ever sent me beer in the mail. Beer. In the mail. Yeah… like I said, I’m kind of a big deal (no, I don’t really mean that).

In the pack was also a hat, Stonefly (the official magazine of the F3T) and a video with a few movies.

One that I really liked was Expedicion Alacranes by R.A. Beattie. This is where they were fishing…

Epic and really, I mean epic. A guy they brought out who had never fished in the salt caught his first bone and it went maybe 9 pounds. Ruling.

I’m trying to get to a screening. Hope you guys make it out to see these films as well.




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Sep 10

Bahamas Bonefish Video: Andros Island – RA Baettie and Mike Mazur

Oh my goodness… this should get you going… a nice bit by RA Beattie via Field & Stream (and Fly  Fishing in Salt Waters).  They are out in Andros at Tiamo.  Along with RA Beattie is Mike Mazur from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters (a magazine I subscribe to).

RA Beattie’s new short with Mike Mazur from Fly Fishing in Saltwaters should cure what ails you.

via (Go to this link to see the clip) More Bahamas Bonefish Video: Andros Island | Field & Stream.

Nice x100