Mar 13

Get Ready

The Ready position, that is.

The guys at Gink & Gasoline are putting out some top shelf content and this post of theirs about the ready position is of the same high quality as I’ve come to expect from them.

Those lucky SOB’s were down at Andros South, a place I know lightly and love deeply.

One nugget of wisdom, among many:

Start by making a clearing cast. Cast out all of your line and strip it back in. That way the line stacked on top will be the first line to go through the guides. If you stack your line as it comes off the reel the head of your line will be on the bottom. That’s asking for trouble.

Yup. Just stripping line out on the deck is asking for trouble… the kind of knotted, bird-nest in the line trouble that could send the top section of your rod into the water.

That there is Andros.

That there is Andros.