Feb 11

Acklins… Semi-DIY

Maybe you want to head to the Bahamas but want less than a lodge experience but more than a dirt-bag-esque DIY trip.

Well… there are options.

One of those options is Acklins and Salina Point. The deal is this… you won’t be guided, but you will get pointed toward the right, un-pressured flats at the right tides. You’ll get set up for success, you’ll just have to spot your own fish.  Some people prefer it that way.

If you want a guide, you can get one for about $300 (which is pretty awesome).

You can book through Reel Action Fly Fishing, a week of fishing, unguided, for $1,600 (with a special running right now for $1,460).

The fishing seems… inspired.

I’ve heard about Salina Point for a while now and the prices are right.  Once I run through some of the other places I want to fish (Andros, Aitutaki, Culebra, Florida), I may just make this the next trip.