Apr 14

Carry On – The Safe Passage from Orvis

Rod/Reel Transport in style.

Rod/Reel Transport in style.

On the trip to Long Island I brought along the Safe Passage rod case from Orvis. In it, I had 5 rods, 6 reels and flies (and whatever else I could fit in it).

For all those who question if you can bring rods and reels and flies along on your flight, I can tell you that from the US to the Bahamas and back, you certainly can. If your airline is playing by TSA rules, you should have no problems, so long as you don’t have really, really massive hooks in your bag.

I liked the Safe Passage case and I had no issues about the length of the bag as I put it in the overhead storage on every flight that offered that (Pineapple Air does not offer overhead storage so it sat on my lap).

It is a solid piece of luggage/gear. It is well made and purpose built and way better than my soccer sock + cam strap rod carrying contraption I used previously.

Thanks Orvis.