Jun 12

The Passing of Rupert Leadon

There are a great number of amazing people I won’t get a chance to meet and last night another one such man passed on. Rupert Leadon was one of the pioneers of bonefishing in Andros Island and owner of Andros Island Bonefish Club.  He was an inspiration to a great many anglers and his absence will be felt by those who knew him.

This story talks about both Charlie Smith and Rupert Leadon (Rupert is talked about more in the second half of the piece) and it gives you a sense for some of what he’s contributed.

 “Andros Island is the richest island in the world,” he said. “We’re the untamed spirit of the Bahamas, and we need to bring people back to fish here.”

Rupert, in the place he made.

While Ted McVay may have actually created the Gotcha, it was Rupert Leadon who named it.

Pink Gotcha with some white fox tail


Godspeed Rupert.