May 10

Sea of Cortez Bonefish

Well… look at that… a bonefish vid from Puerto Penasco in the Sea of Cortez… You don’t see anything ever a lot of reports about bones in the Sea of Cortez, tucked in there behind Baja California.  Really, I tend to think of Rooster Fish and trips put together by Gary Bulla.

This fish is hardly a bruiser… not even close to really even an 8 wt. class fish, but it does show that they can turn up in some places you might not expect them.

Pacific Coast bones are a scarce commodity, really.  While they get massive in the South Pacific and around Hawaii, the bones of San Diego are rather smallish and the bones of Puerto Penasco (or really, THE bonefish of Puerto Penasco) seem similarly diminutive.  Probably still a place to pack your 8 wt., but probably for other species.