Jan 11

Patagonia Sling Pack – A Review

When I went down to Belize in November I got to bring along a new sling pack from Patagonia.  The pack isn’t out yet, but it will be in Patagonia’s offerings for 2011, so it should be available soon.

The loaner pack, a little battle worn.

Previously, I’d used a waist pack to hold all my “stuff” for flats fishing.  That had been a good option, but after using the sling pack, I’ll likely be looking to buy one when they become available.  Here’s why… the sling pack could be shifted to your back with ease, which kept it out of the way when you didn’t need it.  When you need it, just slide it in front and there is all your gear.  Because it is higher, you don’t have to worry about drying out all your flies if you happen to wade up to your waist.

When down in Mexico in December I was back to my waist pack (I had to send the sling pack back) and routinely I was up to my waist, which meant airing out flies every night.  The sling pack solves this issue.

There was a fair amount of room in the pack, although the compartment for the fly boxes was just a tad short to hold two of the longer Cliff boxes, which is what I use.

Basically, I’m a fan of the pack and I’m a fan of Patagonia, a company that keeps walking the walk (read the interview with Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder and Pirate of the Flat and Buccaneer).

The pack in action.