Dec 09

Crazy Life

Two days ago I was in Nuevo Vallarta and swim trunks.  Today, I’m at a hotel because our power went out, we have over a foot of snow on the ground and a pellet stove with no battery back-up (no power = no heat).  So now my daughter, dog and mother-in-law get to spend the night at the lovely Larkspur Landing in Folsom, CA.

This, as most things, makes me think about bonefish.  Most things make me think about bonefish, if I were being honest.  Except bacon… bacon makes me think of bacon… oh, I love bacon.

It is just over a month from when I’ll be boarding a plane bound for Grand Bahama (via Miami).  My recent trip to Vallarta has underscored just how much work I have to do at the vice.  I ran out of the flies I wanted to throw there in Vallarta, can’t let that happen in GBI.  Once the power is back on and we make it back home, the vice is getting broken out for some serious tying.

What a change a couple of days can make!