Apr 10

MT Bonefish

That’s not Mount Bonefish, but Montana… as in some Montanans go bonefishing.  Now, it is April and here in the Bay Area tonight it will be down in the 50’s.  In Bozeman it will get down to 39.  Folks in Montana have excellent trout fishing and really, really long winters.  Therefore, I can understand why those rugged folks from Montana might, in a moment of divine weakness, look to the Caribbean for a little get-away.

This group from MT. heads to Belize, Turneffe Flats Lodge where the weather is warm and the fishing is good.  This trip was their fifth year in a row.

I don’t know at what point I get to head to a place like Turneffe Flats every year.  I don’t think that life is about to start any time soon.

I'd like to go here.