May 11

I want to fish with Andy Mills

I’d imagine I’m not alone in wanting to fish with Mr. Mills.  The guy is pure angler.  He wrote (what I understand to be) the number one most awesome book on Tarpon in the history of words and pictures and binding and glue.  Incidentally, it is also the most expensive… I’m guessing it is printed on tarpon skin.

Seems Andy is hooked up with Hardy and has been doing some testing of the new Sintrix rods they are putting out.  Watching this little video… wow… I’ve never pulled on anything as hard as he’s pulling on that rod.  Kind of gives one confidence in the rod to see that, although I’m sure that rod is 12 or higher… still… kind of impressive.

Now… I don’t know what happened, and I understand it kind of rattled the folks at corporate, but I have seen a picture of one of those rods, a 12, that broke on a tarpon.  Still… watching Dr. Mills (Doctorate in Kicking Piscatoral Butt) pull on that shark… I might be willing to trust one of those rods (which I won’t buy… I’m cheap, even at $690).