Dec 09

Bonefish True or False

I found this Bonefish quiz on Field and Stream.com.  Kind of a fun little bit that includes…

2. Bonefish offspring/juveniles have been located as far north as (or farther than) Long Island, New York…

5. Bonefish can live at least 20 years…

6. A bonefish’s diet changes as it grows; under 16″ fish primarily eat worms and clams; over 16″ fish eat shrimp and crabs; over 24″ fish eat other fish, like toadfish and gobies (choose your fly accordingly!)…

The link at the top will take you to the rest of the quiz.

I kind of forget about Field and Stream since I’m not too interested in the “Field” part of the magazine.  I recall my dad subscribing during my childhood (100% for anything about steelhead).

A search for “bonefish” turns up 210 entries at F&S… whoa.  Who knew.  Might be mining some more gems from them down the road.

Other Updates:

  • I now have water again at the Sierra Bonefish Headquaters and have used that water to wash myself in all the important places (and unimportant ones)…
  • I discovered that I cannot make it up my street in 4×4 High, but can in Low…
  • This guy went to GBI just recently and caught some fish… promising, since I’m going to GBI in just over a month…
  • Coach Duff sent a couple pics of a NOICE bonefish (11.5 pounder) caught by client Luke on Coach’s 1/0 “Plate Lunch” crab pattern… one of those pics is below.
That is some nice HI bonefish that in no way would make a good fish cake

That is some nice HI bonefish that in no way would make a good fish cake

Also, I’ve just hit 7,000 views on this little endeavor of mine (up since August).  Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing and I hope we meet on the water some day (unless you are a total a-hole).

(Field and Stream quote used with permission from F&S)

Dec 09

Simms + Mexico + Bonefish

As I sit here in my own stink, I just don’t have much energy to put into a blog post tonight… this storm and accompanying freezing temps have drained me just as sure as they busted the water line to our house, depriving me of hot water (or cold water, for that matter) and that clean-as-a-whistle feeling.

I also have the great comfort in knowing that I am not alone tonight… seems I picked up some sort of mite from the dirty river water there in Vallarta.  Of course the cream I’m supposed to use does require me to shower it off after 12-14 hours… a feat that is currently impossible at my present location.

So, I give you some Simms fish porn that does include bonefish, as well as a permit.  I know Simms is a good company, I own two pairs of their boots and a pair of their sandals.  I don’t own their waders or, well, any  of their other stuff.  You can only wear one  set of clothes/gear out there, as it turns out.