Apr 11

Skinny Water Culture with me in Andros

I’ve been a fan of the folks over at Skinny Water Culture ever since I found their website a couple years back and ordered my first shirt from them.  They’ve continued to up their game as I’ve continued to up mine.

For my trip to South Andros they sent me some shirts to try out and I gladly wore them.  These are micro-fiber, quick-dry, sun-protecting type shirts.  There aren’t the dozens of pockets, back vents and buttons of the standard “uniform” type flats shirt and more and more manufacturers are offering this kind of technical wear for folks that don’t want all that extra “stuff.”

The shirts do what they do very well. I was cool and comfortable and didn’t get a sunburn.  Plus… I looked goooood.

I love that graphic.

Check these guys out and buy some stuff.  They are good peeps at the starting point for building something really fantastic.