Nov 15

Happy Turkey Day

Heading out in the Marls

Heading out in the Marls

Thanksgiving is a good holiday. It is all about family and being thankful.

I have many things to be thankful for this year. Here are a few.

First, the fishing. I managed to get to Abaco this year and enjoyed the experience tremendously. It seems a long time ago now, but it was in 2015. I got to go there with my wife, children and my dad. It was a special trip.

I’m thankful I’ve learned more about the fishery out my front door and can now add stripers and halibut to the list of potential targets and fly fishing as a potential method.

I’m thankful I got to get my daughter onto twenty trout again this year up in Montana, and that she christened her new fly rod with an Upper McCloud caught rainbow.

That was about it for fishing this year. This is probably the year with the fewest flyfishing days I’ve seen since I started fly fishing in 1996. It just worked out that way. Maybe 2016 will be better on that front. I bet it will.

Of course, I have much more to be thankful for beyond fly fishing. I have a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful wife. I have two great kids. My dad is still around to torment me with his tales of all the fishing he is doing. I have my brother and his partner and a great brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

I have a great job that I love, working with people I enjoy.

We are buying a house and should be in our new, permanent digs by Christmas which should put an end to my nomadic roamings (12 moves in 20 years and I’m not even in the military).

I have my health and my incredible good looks, plus my humility and sense of sarcasm.

I hope you all have plenty of things to be thankful for in your lives and I hope our paths may cross (but not our lines).

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 14

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is here and it is time to look at all that we have to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my beautiful wife and my two kids.

I’m thankful for my job, a job I love and found exactly when I needed it.

I’m thankful for a trip to Long Island last year and to an upcoming trip to Grand Bahama.

I’m thankful for the many great people I’ve met through this blog.

I’m thankful for the life I’ve been fortunate to live.

Casting... work on it.

Casting… work on it.

Nov 12

Being Thankful

It is Thanksgiving today and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my wife. It isn’t every woman who is cut out for Stepmothering or for a previously married man, but she saw something in me that was worthy and she has become my wife, life partner  and great second mother to my daughter and I’m pretty happy (and thankful) about all of that.

That is my beautiful (and wickedly smart) wife.

I’m thankful for my little girl. She is equal parts amusing and frustrating and wonderful and being her father is something that defines me and gives my life purpose in a way nothing else can. I am thankful that she loves nature as much as she does (which is substantially).

The girl and her shark.

I’m thankful for two saltwater trips this past year which were both amazing. The first was a trip to Cuba with Jim Klug and the second was to El Pescador in Belize for my honeymoon. Not a thing to complain about there!

Photo by Jim Klug

I’m thankful for bacon, for obvious reasons.

mmmm…. bacon.

I’m thankful that my dad’s health scare earlier this year seems to have passed and that he’s still fishing.

My dad pulled out the cast of his lifetime to get this pretty fantastic mutton snapper.

I’m thankful for this blog. It gives me an outlet for my passion and a community of people I find both interesting and inspiring.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving.