Sep 16

The Fiberglass Manifesto Catches his First Bonefish

I love first bonefish stories and was happy to see The Fiberglass Manifesto get his first on a (very) recent trip to Blue Horizon down in Belize.


The permit didn’t cooperate (although there were legit shots) because, as you know, permit are jerks, but there were bonefish to be caught and they were.

Check out his post here.

Feb 14

The Fiberglass Manifesto and Me

That is as far as my arms would go out in front of me.

That is as far as my arms would go out in front of me.

Yesterday I was on baby duty part of the day and then I took the afternoon off so I could go show Cameron from The Fiberglass Manifesto my local fishery.

That’s right… I took the fiberglass fly rod guru to hang bait off the pier.

The Bay is my Lemonade. The Bay Area is really a pretty poor place for fly fishing. The species that should be here (steelhead) aren’t (at least not in numbers that make it reasonable). So, it is to bait and sharks I turn when I just need to get on some bit of water.

Luckily, we got one. It was a MONSTER. Just look how bit that fish is!

Great to hang out for a bit out there in the California Sun.

Dec 13

Christmas means… goodness at TFM

Cameron over at The Fiberglass Manifesto is pretty much the King of Fly Fishing Bloggers at this point (I am a minor Duke or Earl from an obscure and hard to pronounce region of the blogosphere).

With Christmas comes TFM’s 12 Days of Christmas. Gear to give away. Who could argue with that? Go there, participate, and maybe get some good stuff from the fine sponsors he’s got lined up.

Well done TFM.

Oct 12

I’ll admit it. I want one.

I have a practice rod, but this looks like something I kind of want. This Redington game rod takes the yarn practice rod concept and pumps it up a few notches. I’m intrigued.


I saw these at the show in Reno, but I also saw it over at TFM (who is pretty much setting the standard for the blogosphere right now).

Sep 10


For the next few days the fly fishing world  will be focused on Denver and the industry show going on there.  You can follow the action from bloggers, tweeters and industry types if you know where to look.

There is a Social Media Lounge at the event, and the hashtag #IFTD should get you some of the goods.

Deneki is going to be there.

The Fiberglass Manifesto and Michael Gracie are going to be there.

One of the blogs to really check will be the Complete Thought blog, as he”s actually working the show, manning the Social Media Lounge.

Keep your eyes open for what’s new.