Dec 09

Getting Skunked

Now, I’m just on vacation here in Mexico, Vallarta.  This isn’t a fishing vacation, although I’m fishing… nearly every day, for a couple hours while my daughter naps.  I’ve been having some luck, but today… nadda… zero… zilch. I hooked one fish, decent fish.  Got a glimpse of it in the dirty water of the river mouth (rained here yesterday).  The rest of the time I stook there, walked up and down a bit, cast… cast… cast… just not a frigging thing.

Oh, it happens, I know.  I just don’t much like it when it does.  When I’m trout fishing, if I get skunked, it generally puts me in sour mood.  Not today though… this isn’t trout fishing, this isn’t my home water and I’m new enough to saltwater fishing that if I get skunked, it is all OK.

Back in high school and college I LOVED basketball.  I could have magical games and I could go cold.  I’d get so upset when I had a bad game I’d get depressed.  Started playing soccer… it wasn’t my game, so I could give myself permission to have a bad game.  Maybe that’s why I like bonefishing and saltwater fishing… I can give myself permission to have a bad day on the water.