Dec 12

Rajeff, casting, wind, Andros

Yeah… likely worth a watch. Tim Rajeff on casting in the wind in South Andros.

May 12

Rajeff on casting down at Andros South

Yes… Tim Rajeff talking about casting in the wind and the various situations you face out there. Some good advice in this Deneki bit.

Check it out.

In saltwater you need to deal with 4 distinct wind situations – in your face, at your back, from the left and from the right – and Tim takes us through some quick pointers on how to deal with each of those situations.  Have a look!

Rajeff, a man who knows casting

Mar 12

Haul your butt over to Deneki

I saw this post about helping your double haul and thought “Yeah, people should probably see this.”

So… I’m sharing it with you good people.

Tim Rajeff giving double haul tips. Get ye to Deneki to check it out.