Mar 10

Sierra Bonefish HQ Moving

Well… our little stint living in the Sierra Foothills is coming to a close.  Next weekend we’ll be picking up and moving back to San Jose.  We moved from that area, so, it’s really a return than striking out in some new direction.

Oddly, I’ll be moving to a city without a true flyshop.  There is an Orvis store there, and the folks there have been well informed and up for a good fishing conversation.  That’s my big knock on Orvis stores… sometimes they have folks that don’t know anything about fly fishing… I once went to an Orvis store and they told me that “the guy who knows about that stuff won’t be in until later.”  Even though the one in San Jose is good, it isn’t a straight fly shop with opinions of rods or reels other than the company rods and reels.  Fine for picking up some hooks or some humpies, but it does occur that if I want non-Orvis fluoro, non-Orvis lines, non-Orvis split shot… well… I’ll probably still be making a few calls to my local here up in the Foothills, even after it’s no longer my local.

Goodbye Trees and Beautifulyness

Hi new (re-new) home

For those of you who think there aren’t trout down here… well… they aren’t big, but they are around…

San Jose area native, wild trout

Going to be checking out Surf Perch, Bass, maybe try to finally connect on some Carp.  We’ll see.