Jan 13

Island Paradise Lost

Flatswalker has a bit to share about what island life is really like…

The strange truth about paradise is that it eventually gets to be boring and, quite frankly, depressing.

Now, he goes on to share some of the good as well, but it is an interesting read.

I’ll try to remember paradise isn’t paradise as I slog the 2K miles a month to work and school and home in a maddening OPEC merry-go-round.

We have seasons here in the Bay Area.  Three of them, really. We have summer… I love summer. The sun is up until 9 at some point and it feels like you have time to do pretty much anything. Then we fall. Fall, in the Bay, lasts until spring. It goes from about October until March. Spring is a short thing… April to May. We have other seasons we can drive to and every once in a while the mountains around the Bay (kind of big hills, really) show a dusting of white, but it tends to melt by 2:00 and there are no plows or road salt.

I will go on with my ideal vision of the tropics.

I saw a bumper sticker in Kauai onces that read “Kauai, a great place to visit. Don’t move here.” That kind of gets in the way of the fantasy.

The Slack Tide Bar... one of my most favorite places on this planet.

The Slack Tide Bar… one of my most favorite places on this planet. Don’t mess with the fantasy.